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Finding different and exciting fundraising events can often be exhausting. Whilst in the past everybody loved a cake bake sale, it seems nowadays that many of us have reduced our cake intake and becoming more health conscious. So as our bake offs dwindle we had to come up with something else that would make mouths water!

After a brief meeting and brain storming at HQ on a golden autumn Saturday afternoon, we came up with the perfect fundraiser. A hunks charity calendar!

Zonya and Andrea brainstorming

We just needed to find 11 willing volunteers to help us out before we could even consider moving forward with our idea. “Why not ask the guys from work?” Andrea suggested.  So I went to work the following Monday and pitched the idea to a few guys. Most of them jumped on board straight away. A few wanted to join in but were unsure of what to really expect on the final result.

I brain stormed with Emma, a friend and colleague and she came up with an amazing idea that we expanded on to attain our 12 poses. We were ready!


After a week we had our 11 guys.  Or so we thought. Not one but two dropped out… Sadly, they were feeling too self conscious to take part. This was a nightmare, we thought. The venue was booked, the photographer was booked and the makeup and hair artists were booked. But we were still two guys short!  “What about the runners from the Marrakech Marathon? Maybe they can join in” Vera thought aloud when I met up with her to ask her advice.  Though two of the runners had already agreed to do the fundraiser, I though why not reunite the group and ask the other two.  We were over the moon, when they happily agreed to join in.

We were good to go. So, on Saturday 19th November 2016, our 11 brave gentlemen volunteered to bare nearly all for Child Aid Tanzania’s Calendar Hunks photo shoot in aid of our Donate a Desk Campaign.

They recreated iconic poses putting on a scientific twist on them as they work in the scientific field.

This is how the day went:

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